3rd Party Lab Tested SARMs & Purity Guaranteed

Umbrella Labs Only Sells The Highest Quality Research Grade Sarms & Nootropics

All of our compounds are 3rd party lab tested providing certificates of authenticity (COA) for the products we offer.

Our Nootropics are a minimum of 98+% pure and our SARMs are minimum 99+% purity rating. Our 3rd party lab test results list the purity percentage, product tested and independent lab preforming the HPLC ASSAY analysis. All of our test results are then watermarked by us so that they can not be “reused” by other “suppliers”

We take seriously the responsibility we have to our customers to provide consistently pure, lab grade products and this is why Umbrella Labs is a trusted vendor for laboratories and research organizations around the world.

Not only does Umbrella provide material for clinical trials but also the larger wholesale markets as well. The growth of our organization is based on a QCD model – Quality. Customer. Deliverables.

Quality Sarms In Product Form & Function

Grade A customer service. Delivering the promised product on time and on budget.

Customers appreciate our quality and accuracy of dosing – meaning what the label says is in the bottle actually is and mg per mL can be relied upon. This is why once clients utilize our products and experience the quality for themselves they become long term researchers.

Umbrella Labs is a USA manufacturer but also ships all over the world including Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Germany, United Arab Emirates and more.

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