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Why are SARMs in powder form less expensive than in liquid form?

We offer SARMs in powder form at a lower price than in liquid form due to fewer steps in manufacturing and processing. However, please note that the vast majority of SARMs (and related research compounds) are not water soluble. SARM powders can be measured with micro scoops, although this method yields some inconsistency due to the difficulty in precisely measuring small doses.

Dosing inconsistency may not necessarily be problematic as long as the variance among actual doses is low during a research study (eg. if the target dose is 25 mg per day, and the actual doses turn out to be 23 mg on first day, 28 mg on second day, 24 mg on third day, 26 mg on fourth day, etc.).

Due to their low molecular mass and their hydrophobicity, SARMs satisfy the basic biochemical requirements to be absorbed sublingually. Nevertheless, a comparison of sublingual absorption of SARMs compared to swallowing in liquid or pill form has yet to be clinically evaluated and published.

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