S4 Andarine 50mg/ml SARM


Andarine is a brand of the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). S4 Andarine as many believe did not start out as a project aimed at creating a safer version of steroids. This will eliminate the common negative side effects associated with unregulated steroids.  A lot of which are used by a wide range of people, especially in the fitness & bodybuilding industries.

S4 Andarine however came as a targeted compound which was being tested for male contraceptive. The compound however showed promising results as there was recorded significant decrease in spermatogenesis with huge boost in the male libido.

S4 Andarine was however also tested for the treatment of osteoporosis and other muscle related conditions. The results of these trials made the compound a common favorite in the body building & fitness worlds. Not only does Andarine influence the significant production of muscle mass & calcium for bone density, it has also been revealed to be highly selective in its action in the body.

How Does S4 Andarine Work?

To better understand the function of the compound, first, there is a need to understand how SARMs work. SARMS contains receptors which bind to specific tissues, causing the production of targeted hormones, in this case, testosterone, in the body. Just like all other SARMs, the S4 Andarine works by binding to androgen receptors in the body.

The action of the S4 Andarine is similar to how steroids operate, however, the major advantage is that SARMs are more deliberate in their actions & specific with tissue of interest. Due to their tissue specific actions, SARMs like S4 Andarine are able to deliver all the positive advantages for which steroids are used while eliminating the possibilities of the negative effects and impact on user’s health.

The S4 Andarine are specifically formulated to improve strength, performance and muscle building characteristics.

Is The S4 Andarine Legal?

Legality in sport:

The S4 Andarine, alongside all other forms of SARMs are strictly prohibited to sporting men and women. This is so because they are registered to give competitive advantages to athletes, thus positively influencing their performances.

In a bid to create a level playing ground for all athletes worldwide, the S4 Andarine has been deemed illegal by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for athletes and their official personnel.

Since it can be tested for in urine, athletes who are found using the compound may be subjected to fines, suspensions, or jail terms. The S4 Andarine has also been included in the list of prohibited drugs compiled by WADA.

Legality in Diet:

It is considered illegal to use S4 Andarine in the formulation of any dietary supplement either aimed at body building, weight loss, or for other fitness reasons. The FDA and other related bodies are yet to certify the drug and other SARMs okay for human consumption, however, it can be purchased by pharmaceuticals as a research chemical for clinical trials and testing.

Legality in Medical research:

S4 Andarine and other SARMs are considered legal for medical research purposes. The legality of the drug and compound however becomes illegal when it becomes encapsulated or when it is presented in liquid form intended for human consumption.

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