Sublingual Optimized SR-9009 & SR-9011

Introducing The New Sublingual Optimized SR-9009 & SR-9011

Umbrella Labs’ newest research products are sublingual optimized versions of SR-9009 and SR-9011, the potent Rev-ERB activators invented at The Scripps Research Institute as “hormone and metabolic modulators” which are being actively studied for their role in augmenting exercise metabolism.

Our sublingual optimized versions are lipophilic and can efficiently transit across tissue membranes in the mouth, thus effectively bypassing first-pass metabolism in the liver (which may be destructive to the molecular backbone of SR-9009 and SR-9011).

advantages of sublingual absorption SR 9009 & 9011
Advantages of Sublingual Optimized SR-9009 & SR-9011

Since the human metabolism of SR-9009 and SR-9011 remains to be further investigated to better characterize their pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, using sublingual optimized versions for your research can circumvent any destructive catabolism and ensure higher circulating levels and maximum potency.

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